pianon koskettimet

Kotka Region Music Institute

The Kotka Region Music Institute has been providing music education of the highest standard for over 75 years, in Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Virojoki and Miehikkälä. We offer studies ranging from classical to rock aimed at people of all ages, beginning with our Music Play School for babies accompanied by an adult. Children can later become preparatory voice or Suzuki pupils before embarking on the full classical or rhythm curriculum or in the open department.

We lead the student all the way along the musical path, beginning with the Music Play School for infants and continuing in the Suzuki or preparatory voice or instrumental classes. On reaching school age, students usually continue with tuition covering the full core curriculum in their chosen option – classical or rhythm – but persons of all ages and standards are welcome to join the open department.

We offer tuition in a wide range of instruments – no fewer than 30: almost all the classical ones, and voice. Together the departments have a total of some 50 teachers and 750 students. The Institute is mainly based in Kotka, but we also have a branch in Hamina.

What is basic education in the arts?

Basic education in the arts is a free-time activity and follows a national core curriculum. The teachers are trained professionals in their field. The tuition is part of Finland’s statutory national education system; it aims to foster enjoyment, creativity and musical skills in its pupils and to guide them towards sustained, goal-oriented study. In the process, it cultivates a lasting personal feel for the arts and encourages lifelong learning.

Classical and rhythm options

The basic studies seek to provide the all-round musical skills later required by amateurs and professionals alike. The study path proceeds from elementary to advanced and equips potential professionals with the necessary skills.

The classical option at the Kotka Region Music Institute is oriented towards Western serious music. Students can if they wish also spice their training with other genres that interest them. The rhythm option covers various genres, from pop to rock and from jazz to Latin-American.

No previous musical background is required in order to apply for either the classical or the rhythm option. Applicants need only to want to learn to play an instrument or sing, and be prepared to commit to their hobby. In addition to their weekly instrument or singing lesson, students play or sing in ensembles, attend music perception lessons and short-term sessions in optional subjects that vary from year to year.

Music Play School

The early education (the Music Play School) at the Kotka Region Music Institute consists of playful, varied and goal-oriented musical activities for infants through to the first few years at school. During their lessons, they practise such basic things as rhythm, tempo, melody, duration, timbre, harmony and dynamics through singing, nursery rhymes, movement, playing instruments and listening. The sessions are further enhanced by other forms of creative expression, such as the visual arts and stories. The aim here is to support the overall development of the child through meaningful activities, and to generate the experience of learning and achievement.

The path from Music Play School continues to learning an instrument and choirs. In most cases, music becomes an enjoyable hobby, and for some even a profession. The primary objective of the early education in music is to ignite a spark and lay the foundations for a lifelong love of music as a source of fun and pleasure.

The Kotka Region Music Institute has Play Schools in Kotka, Karhula, Hamina, Virolahti and Miehikkälä.